The Love
Of Art

Willy Aractingi Panther


Often, it only takes a simple “yes.” We build stories, and even lifetimes, through a series of yeses. The Collection of Charles Al Sidaoui is not any different. Each piece of art has received this simple affirmation. Over the years, this body of work has evolved and developed towards maturity. This yes to The Yes Collection means inclusivity for all voices and stories to be told. You might be wondering why “The Yes Collection” - well it’s simple as it all stems from Charles’ family name “Sidaoui” or “Si-da-oui” which mean yes in 4 different languages: Italian/Spanish -Si-, Russian -Da- and French - Oui.

Finding its home in Dubai, The Yes Collection invites art into every aspect of life and living.


Dubai, U.A.E.

Should you be interested in connecting, please feel free to reach out and we will be in touch as soon as possible